2022 Lunar New Year Special!

About Us


Jodi.C Home is a small but dynamic team. Each member and their specific field of knowledge contribute to the success and perfection of each product.

Jodi Chen is playing the role of the creative director where she sources for raw materials from japan and designs the bags. She first understands the history, origin and significance of the patterns of the raw fabric and decides on a suitable design approach. She also goes into the detail of selecting hardware colors, lining fabrics and will always be the last person to add finishing touches such as tassels and decorative pendants to the bags to complete the entire look.

Sara Dai, currently residing in Beijing is aFashion Design graduate. She has been a Furniture and Soft Furnishing Designer for more than 10 years. Both her parents are tailors and have a passion for Chinese Hand Embroidery. She also studied and trained under a famous master of Suzhou styleembroidery techniques in Beijing. In her leisure times, she likes to make traditional leather toys and now she is also part of the production crew for Jodi.C Home Bags. 

Amy Long, is from Si Chuan China, Her favorite pastime is Cross-Stitching. She once spent 6 years creating a 4-meter long masterpiece portraying a ‘Qing Ming Festival Riverside Scene’.  Amy’s sense of pattern composition and color coordination is very what makes her creations successful. During the first few months, Amy was in charge of technical training for new team members, her infectious energy and passion for fine work has brought the team to greater heights!

Mrs Min, is a retired seamstress, a fantastic cook and has a wealth of knowledge andexperience with sewing. She worked in a company manufacturing woolen clothing for children for over 20 years. She is by nature, meticulous and obsessive to the smallest detail. She often comes up with innovative ways of fabrication to make our products even more exquisite and at the same time more practical.

Lemon Chen,is an Environmental Design Graduate from Jiang Xi, China. She is currently working and living in Shanghai as an interior Decorator for Hospitality and Residential projects. She has a special appreciation of fine arts and hand crafted items. In her leisure time, she would get her hands dirty on crafts such as Japanese Indigo Dyes, and painting with acrylic on Canvas. Lemon takes on the responsibility of product packaging and marketing for Jodi.C Home. She also takes pride in educating Jodi.C home members and fans on the patterns and designs found on the original Japanese fabrics so they can appreciate Jodi.C Home Bags on a different and more intimate level.    



Jodi. C Home is working towards upcycling these beautiful fabrics into other products aside of bags. Starting with her background in interior design, She hopes to infuse more of these beautiful fabrics in home furnishing products.