2022 Lunar New Year Special!

Design Collaboration

Jodi.C Home + Amazrock Brands 
Premium Lanyard Face Mask Gift Set 
(Limited Edition)


Jodi.C Home Handmade Premium Fabric Face Mask Set is a joint collaboration with Amazrock Brands – 2 piece Cloth Face Mask with Traditional Kimono style designs.

  • This non-medical Premium Cloth Face Mask Set is designed to offer the discerning user with  both fashion style and function.
  • Each Face Mask is made with 3 layers of Cloth Fabric :
    • Composite Silk (For Durable Outer Shell Layer)
    • 2 layers of High Thread Count / High Weave Density (100%) Cotton (For Breathable, Comfortable Inner Layers)

  • This product is lovingly handmade by a small team of talented & trained tailors and seamstresses in Jodi.C Home Studio. This product is not mass manufactured in a factory.
  • Jodi.C Home undertakes every aspect of the Production from Cutting, Sewing, Fitting, Quality Inspection to final sealing and packaging.


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Jodi.C Home + iNeed 
Lavender Aromatherapy Facial Mask Gift Set
(Limited Edition)

Jodi.C Home and iNeed have come together to add Style and Scent to your regular Face Mask wearing. Do you, or your family and friends often suffer from a headache, or have to bear with an odor in your mask after a long day's wearing of a Facial Mask?

Start your day by adding 1-2 drops of our Lavender Essential Oil onto a Disposable Mask Filter Pad and slot the Pad into the back of the Fabric Mask. Jodi.C Home Lavender Fabric Masks are made with Composite Silk and Chiffon Materials, adding an extra property of electrostatic filtration for small particles. 

Our Limited Edition Masks come in 2 Designs:

Dark Colored - iNeed 3-Leaf Logo
Light Colored- Lavender Bouquet Logo 

The Lavandula Angustifolia is often used for relaxing and stress-relief purposes, bringing a soothing effect upon the nervous system. Lavender oil carries probably the most soothing scent one can experience and is widely known for its ability to promote one with a restful night’s sleep. It can improve the skin in many ways such as reduce acne, lighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and more.

iNeed Lavender Oil is gentle in action and can be applied directly to the skin as form of an antiseptic to help heal wounds, burns, and more. Used externally, it also helps soothe a headache and other symptoms caused by nervousness and tensions. When consumed internally, it helps to reduce anxiety, while providing possible weight loss benefits.

Lavandula Augustifolia also known as English Lavender, is obtained by distillation of spikes from the Lavender flower heads which are picked off. The oil abstracted from the Lavandula Angustifolia with density of 0.905 g/ml is denser compared to the average lavender oil with density of 0.885 g/ml.

We only have 50 sets of this Limited Edition Gift Set (10ml Lavender Essential Oil + Composite Silk Mask), Pre-Launch Orders are being taken now, please order from link below ( For Customers in Singapore, Expect Delivery in 2 weeks)

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