2022 Lunar New Year Special!

New Arrivals- Kimono Obi (September)

We are excited to showcase the obi we have collected for the month of September! We have a mix of full width Fukuro obi- very luxurious and detailed jacquard fabrication technique, and half width Hanhaba obi in simpler designs but with tougher mixed fabric content like rayon and polyester.

For those of you searching for luxurious evening bags, be sure to reserve the black obi ASAP!

This Black base with gold fan obi is perfect for our bigger bags such as our Custom Design Bucket bags or our Kisslock Bags as it has a large pattern.


The next 2 obi are also 2 Black base obi with gold, and green pine tree embroidery is perfect for our bigger bags such as our Custom Design Bucket bags or CTS (Clutch/Tote/Sling) bags as it has a large pattern. We had 2similar Obi from last month and they were the best sellers!


The following 2 obi are for Floral Print Lovers! First one is a purplish blue base with big peony flowers in Pink, Red and White! The second one is in pastel blue and pink scheme.  If you usually dress in plains and neutral colored clothing, please don’t miss these 2 colorful obi! These will add a lot of interest to your wardrobe for sure! Below are some samples of similar Peony Flower Obi from past collections - KC Kisslock Clutch and FC Flat Clutch.


Our next Obi is a very beautiful color scheme! The background is a combination of black and green and there are iridediscent ( color tones vary when viewed from diferent angles) metalic silver sakura flowers in the foreground. This Obi is so versatile and will work with any bag model you like! Some samples below for your reference.


The last Obi we are featuring this month is a casual Hanhaba Obi. These obi are usually worn with casual kimono or summer kimono and made in a tougher material such as Rayon and Polyester and sometimes cotton. They are hardy and more suitable for casual bags which are intended for daily use.



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